sonja roth

Sonja Roth


Following her intuition is mainsubject in Sonja Roth's music and art. She likes to experiment with different sounds and colours. As a singer-songwriter she plays guitar and clarinet. She likes to sing harmonies and uses the looper as a support. The connection to the sun - the moon - the nature - is elemantary for her. She creates energies and her focus is in feelings. She is fascinated by the question of how art and music can empower people.


Sonja Roth (29) is born in Switzerland and lived in Lucerne, Berne, Basel, Esmeraldas (Ecuador) and Donegal, Galway (Ireland) and Crete (Greece).. Travels in South America, India, Nepal and different countries in Europe gave her a lot of inspiration for her work. At the moment she lives in Glasgow (Scotland). She likes to discover the beauty in every little thing.


Here you can listen to her actual music.